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Put Focus to Play

The smartphone app ORRO will support you in exploring your unknown self. In the enchanted world of Ether, your mission is to find silence within the storm. Once completed, lush gardens full of music and surprise will blossom – and you will have gained inner wisdom to expand your hidden world ever more mindfully.

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Flip Your Phone To Flip Your Mind!

ORRO is designed for landscape viewing.
Change your perspective & expand your horizon!


Mindfulness is a big word, yet it’s small enough to fill the world within! ORRO facilitates mindfulness in our daily lives, no matter the size of the circumstance.

Silence is golden!

When the noise gets to be too much, silence proves to be a welcome remedy! ORRO utilizes one of the most basic, but often overlooked, phenomena: Silence.

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Stories that stick!

The stories we often remember are the ones that are meaningful, relatable, and interesting! ORRO weaves mindfulness into wonderful stories that stay in memory and are easy to recall.

A connected Self!

You have a lot of distractions - and that can be a good thing! ORRO is a tool to help us gather a scattered self.

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Tried and True

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Christian Rayak

This is the perfect app to escape the stresses of everyday life!