Smagotcha | 07: FAQ - Moo!

07: FAQ - Moo!

April 6th, 2022

"Why the heck do I have to chase storms?" Recently, I omitted answering this frequently asked question.

The answer first raises another question: is it smart to lead people into the storm?

I can already see the smartest out there walking into an actual storm trying to find the next tale. So, since we don't have a manual yet: "Do NOT walk into an actual thunderstorm outside. Do NOT risk being struck by lightning. Do NOT try to find the center of a tornado (at least if you haven't watched Twister before - photo above!)."

Now, let me elaborate on the storm at ORRO WORLD. First of all, the motive of going inside is one that arises out of deep spiritual thought. The storm is meant as an equivalent to everything that whirls inside of us: detrimental thinking, unpleasant feelings, the body itching, aching, crying... you name it! Going inside the storm means to listen to that whirling, to get in closer contact with it, to connect with oneself and everything that is present. Unfortunately, the truth is: escape is often preferred over presence.

So, what does escape look like? To escape from the uncomfortable whirls means to escape from the inner storm. In the broader sense it means to escape from oneself. Simply avoiding the storm won't make it stop either. On the contrary, it will keep doing so until we can't avoid it no longer. But looking for quick escape is an attempt in vain. Because when we try to escape, we invest energy into the mere act of doing so WHILE having to deal with the whirling.

Actually, do we need to be busy with two things at the same time? I feel it is my duty to make people real listeners, so they grasp healing on a different level: going inside the storm allows us to transform ourselves from within.

If we want to get to know ourselves better, if we want to go a new way of healing and if we want to be autonomous beings, this, at least, is the approach we can choose. We all have the capacity of self-healing. One that is immediately accessible and highly effective. The message behind "chasing storms" is thus easy: we want to make you practise to go into your whirling over and over again. The more you practise the easier it will be to continue this path. Escape is an illusion.

Is it hard to be present with the storm? It seems easier to escape and it appears often like the next best solution. Even more tricky: escape escapes us! For example, when we have a headache we don't notice how quickly we grab for the escape-pill. Obviously, we do notice that we're taking the pill BUT not how quickly we did so. In this world of constant distraction we are so used to the game of escape. It became rare to acknowledge and listen to feelings of discomfort. The thinking mind makes it even harder by distracting us from what's whirling. It happens all the time. But once we are able to listen to it, it can only take minutes to shift from whirling to well-being. This is the transformation we would like to offer. This is why you get to chase storms. This is the no-escape game you are free to play.

So, keep playing!

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