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Testing Safe Space

December 26th, 2023

Dear Community!

Today, and after a long period of being under construction, we are finally getting back to you. The past 15 months have been a transformative journey for us. Following the decision to remove our app from the app stores, we embarked on new conceptual waters. We aimed not just for a shift but a complete 90-degree turn – transitioning from English to German, and introducing a brand-new user interface.

Throughout this period, we faced challenges and learned invaluable lessons. Our app, ORRO, initially envisioned as a game, confronted the reality of resource constraints and a lack of professional experience. While the dream of creating a game persisted, our team, juggling numerous side jobs to sustain ourselves, recognized the need for a more realistic approach. Developing games, as we discovered, requires extensive time and expertise. Yet, ORRO held a hidden gem – fully produced therapuetical stories set in a three-dimensional world of gardens. But looking back this was no child's play!

Today, we contemplate the gamification of stories, particularly focusing on educational content within the realm of mental and emotional health. This theme has been a constant companion since our project's inception. I vividly recall reaching out to health insurance companies in 2019, armed only with determination. Although our project was in its infancy without a prototype or concrete concept, that determination has propelled us forward.

Now, with the clear vision of ORRO being a "Safe Space" our product is nearing the release. Our goal is to provide a motivational tool, allowing young people to explore life mastery in their personal space. Some may seek interactive strategies for relaxation, while others may prefer exercises woven into compelling storytelling.

Yet, before we make our way into the Play- and Appstore, we invite you as testers to ensure that your feedback will be refining ORRO into a tool that resonates deeply with its users. Whether you're passionate about storytelling, mental health, or simply excited to contribute: we would be grateful for your participation.

So, if you're eager to help shape the future of ORRO, please sign up as a tester now and reserve one of four digital gardens of ORRO WORLD. Simply send us an email to with the subject 'test'. 


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