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Smagotcha provides the pause so people find the connection to themselves in times of regular and digital opportunity.

We are a European startup creating apps to calm an ongoing appetite for the most favored choice of today: The smartphone. We consider this to be the greatest challenge of our era, and we transcend this human prosthesis by turning it into a reflector of habits.

Anticipating a technological future where tools become more virtual and augmented, we keep track of the most popular and right-before-our-eyes devices to make the pause a day-to-day asset of a self-governed and sane life.

Why Smagotcha?

It all started...

quite unexpectedly, in 2017. While traveling through Portugal, Chris found himself in Arrifana, a beautiful surfer’s paradise. After a fun time out on the waves, he decided to rest on the beach and take in the salty ocean air. He was lost in the moment - but the serenity of it wouldn’t last very long, and the unthinkable happened.

The high tide arrived.

Chris scrambled to save his belongings, but it was too late. The water came rushing onto the shore. All he had with him drowned in a swirl of sea foam - including his cell phone. Shock and frustration flooded in. For someone who cherishes being mindful, Chris was still human and had neglected to see the water coming. Despite several attempts to get his phone to work, his efforts were futile.

Traveling alone without a phone...

could make things quite complicated, and now Chris had a choice to make about getting a new device. Yet, he found his shock and frustration surprisingly replaced with incredible peace and comforting stillness. The silent burden of his phone had been washed away.

For the next two months,

he continued traveling and, in the process, discovered a better connection to himself. However, that connection was challenged when he returned home to Germany and someone offered him a new cell phone. Once again, Chris was faced with the dilemma of how to best move forward. Ultimately, this mental crossroads marked the beginning of Smagotcha.


European collaborative since 2018. Playful at heart. Independent and free.




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